Align’s experienced property team can advise on any property or valuation related matters. Over the past 15 years Align has provided property advice and services to Local Government, Council Controlled Organisations and Corporate and private clients across a range of sectors throughout New Zealand. With a specialist knowledge of the infrastructure and land development sectors we have successfully advised and negotiated property rights for major electricity lines projects, water and irrigation projects, roading, rail and commercial and residential developments. No project or client is too big or small so do get in touch with one of our Property Managers whose details are provided below.

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Our Services:

  • Acquisition and Disposal of Land and Property

    Align provides advice for the acquisition and disposal of property interests. We have a strong history of advising a range of clients on the best way to achieve their desired acquisition and disposal outcomes.
  • Property Negotiations and Stakeholder Engagement

    The property team at Align have demonstrable experience in undertaking negotiations with affected land owners and achieving satisfactory outcomes on behalf of acquiring/requiring authorities and other entities.  Align has undertaken negotiations and consultation for a number of key infrastructure projects around the country.  This includes discussing requirements for a given property, working through any issues, and negotiating terms and conditions of an Agreement and any compensation payable and obtaining any other required stakeholder approvals.
  • Advice Under Legislation Affecting Landowner Rights

    When land or interests in land are required for public works, Align can interpret and advise clients on their rights and responsibilities under the relevant legislation. Our expertise includes The Public Works Act 1981, Electricity Act 1992, Local Government Act 2002, Resource Management Act 1991 and many other pieces of land related legislation, regulations and codes of practice.
  • Property Strategy Reports

    We are able to prepare strategic reports to advise on strategies for acquiring and disposing of property. This may relate to singular or multiple properties for a Public Work or development land assembly. This includes providing recommendations for: appropriate property rights to acquire and methods to achieve the clients desired outcome, detailed acquisition timelines and budgets, a range of communications tools for use in negotiations, and methods for disposing of surplus land which may include negotiations with adjoining landowners or achieving a sale through a market process.
  • Route and Site Discovery / Selection

    Align can identify and assess route and site options for any given project taking into account property, planning, engineering and environmental constraints and opportunities for any given project, e.g. road corridor, water races and pipelines, railways, or electricity lines or dingle site developments such as service stations, subdivision developments or commercial enterprises.  The property team have previous experience in advising acquiring/requiring authorities on the most suitable option in order to achieve the desired outcomes with the least risk of objections and difficulty in completing negotiations with affected parties and obtaining the required consents and approvals.
  • Leasing and Licensing

    Align’s property team have vast experience in processing applications for leasing and licensing of areas within the road corridor.  This may include applications for construction and maintenance encumbrances for a built structure, licensing of road surface areas for use, and leasing of subsoil or air right interests.
  • Road Stopping

    Road stopping is a legal process undertaken under either the Local Government Act 1974 or the Public Works Act 1981 for the purpose of transferring unformed legal road to freehold land, thereby enabling the land to be sold.  Align’s property team have been processing a number of road stopping applications and are well versed in the process and complexities involved.  Align’s property team can act for local authorities or private entities in working through the mechanisms associated with the road stopping process.