Strategic Planning and Project Management

Align specialises in project managing the setup, route and site selection and the property and consenting work streams of major infrastructure projects. We provide high level project budgets for these aspects of major projects, advise on required resourcing governance and delegations and prepare detailed consenting, acquisition and communications strategies that funnel down to actions on the ground. Align’s philosophy is that project work streams needed to be integrated, not operating in isolation. This ensures that project decision making is based on what is best overall for the project, and not just one work stream. Our strategic approach is based on minimising project opposition from stakeholders to ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

  • Project Budgeting and Planning

    Align can provide detailed budgets for the property, consenting and route and site selection components of your project. Budgets include likely compensation costs and input from required technical professionals such as land valuers, legal professionals and a range of environmental experts. Using Gant charts we can create a realistic programme for your project taking into consideration property acquisition and consenting time frames including the Public Works Act and environment court processes.

  • Resourcing and Governance Structures

    Align can provide specialist advice on governance and management structures required for the efficient operation of major projects as well as identifying required technical resources. We believe that having the right structure and delegations in place at the start of the project is a critical element in delivering a project successfully, on time and on budget.

  • Requiring Authority Applications

    Align has successfully obtained requiring authority status under Section 167 of the Resource Management Act 1991 for irrigation companies and electricity distribution businesses. Being a requiring authority under the Resource Management Act provides network utility operators with significant powers relating to designating and compulsory acquiring land which can be critical to the success of major infrastructure projects.

  • Strategic Planning

    Align has extensive experience preparing a range of strategy documents for major infrastructure projects. We provide specialist advice with regard to strategies for the access, acquisition or disposal of private and public land, strategies for negotiation, consultation and wider public consultation and communications and strategies for obtaining consents and approvals under the Resource Management Act and other environmental legislation.

  • Route and Site Selection

    Align has tried and tested processes for selecting preferred routes and sites for a range of infrastructure types having acted in this regard for electricity transmission and distribution businesses and irrigation companies. Using GIS capabilities extensively and gathering significant volumes of constraint data from a range of sources we can create analysis and select a range of route and site options and then undertake detailed analysis to select the most appropriate route or site for the proposed project. Generating alternative routes and sites and identifying project constraints early is critical to the success of any major infrastructure project.

  • Provision of Stakeholder Engagement Software

    Align uses a built for purpose stakeholder engagement platform called “LineUp” to manage stakeholder engagement on major infrastructure projects. LineUp records all interactions with project stakeholders, has processes and work flows for managing property negotiations and other engagement processes, built in GIS mapping to visually show your engagement progress, sends alerts when progresses against time or budget are behind or when a stakeholder turns into a “negative” status for any given project, and has a range of one touch reporting tools. You can read more about LineUp here.