Align’s experienced resource management and environmental team can manage your project through the consenting process. With a nationwide team with specialist skills in land development, subdivision, infrastructure and commercial and residential development, our team will advise on consent requirements, assist in site selection and planning your development, engage with authorities and other stakeholders, prepare and lodge the required consent and approval applications and contract and manage any required environmental expertise.

At Align no project is too big or small and our friendly, experienced team are keen to discuss your project with you, so please contact us today.

Download a copy of our Planning services brochure here.

Our Services:

  • Planning Assessments and Advice

    Align provides advice on planning requirements relevant to your project, interprets district and regionals plans, assesses the development potential of properties, and what you or your neighbours can and can’t do. We can also advise on what environmental expertise is required for assessments of environmental effects and whether other statutory approvals are required for your project.
  • Preparation and Processing of Resource Consent and other RMA Applications

    Align prepares and processes Resource Consent and other RMA applications for major infrastructure projects, large multi lot subdivision developments and commercial and residential ventures. We have expertise with both district and regional consenting requirements. We are experts in preparing Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE’s) for both land use and subdivision applications drawing on a range of in-house and contract environmental and technical expertise.
  • Route and Site Selection

    Align offers route and site discovery for infrastructure and development. We collaborate with property, engineering and technical experts to ensure sites and routes are selected that meet the requirements of all facets of your project.
  • Designations and Associated Applications

    Align has significant experience in Notices of Requirements for designations, outline plans of works, designation alterations and applications to become a requiring authority. We have successfully obtained designations for regionally significant projects and provide expert advice to the largest of infrastructure developments.
  • Policy Development, Analysis and Submissions

    The planning team at Align provide policy analysis and policy development services for a range of corporate and network utility clients. With specialist knowledge of land development, subdivision and major infrastructure such as electricity, irrigation and roading we provide specialist input and evidence in submissions on a range of policy to ensure the best outcomes for our clients business.
  • Stakeholder Engagement

    We have significant experience in undertaking stakeholder engagement and consultation with affected and interested parties, landowners, Iwi, Crown agencies and the wider public. Align is able to provide a full consultation package, including obtaining written approvals, public and media relations, land owner liaison and negotiation. We can also provide a stakeholder engagement platform to manage and track consultation and negotiation with large numbers of stakeholders (
  • Project Management and Strategic Planning

    Align’s Planning team work with a range of engineers, urban designers, ecologists, heritage advisors, surveyors and other professionals to plan developments and project manage major projects. Align’s project management and strategic planning service includes consenting strategies for projects, budgeting and project planning, performance and risk measurement and management, and provision of IT and team collaborative solutions.