Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping

Align’s proven success and track record in planning, property, landscape architecture, valuations, and stakeholder engagement is fully supported by our experienced geospatial team. Our team’s extensive experience in environmental sciences and information technologies allows us to target today’s newest mapping technologies and apply them to a variety of environmental, electricity, water, irrigation and roading infrastructure projects, as well as commercial and residential development projects.

At Align, no project or client is too big or small and our friendly, experienced team are keen to discuss your project with you.

Our Services:

  • Infrastructure and Asset Constraints Mapping and Analysis

    Working with our experienced property and planning teams, Align has a proven track record in identifying and assessing route and site options for any given project taking into account property, planning, engineering and environmental constraints. Our experiences developing options for road corridors, water races and pipelines, railways, electricity lines or single site developments such as service stations and subdivisions are supported by modern web mapping technologies, allowing our clients to view instantaneous updates on current plans allowing clients the most efficient visual feedback as project options develop.
  • Traditional Cartographic Maps

    Whether very basic or complex, our traditional cartographic maps can greatly enhance any client project when it is visualized with clarity and precision. No mapping product is too small or large to aid in the successful development of ideas and designs.
  • Online Interactive Web Mapping

    Align has developed online web mapping tools to help property negotiation and management teams and clients to see the spatial progress of our work. These browser based interactive maps are used both within our stakeholder engagement software (LineUp) as well as by our teams in the field and can display timely stakeholder progress or attribute data by simply clicking on features or within properties. These dynamic maps can be quickly and easily updated within minutes to provide all stakeholders with the timely information. Our experience has shown such visual and interactive tools with the latest aerial imagery which allow our teams to deliver streamlined efficiencies in our service coordination between stakeholders, our clients, and, within our teams.

    Click here to view a screenshot of our Online Interactive Web Mapping System.

  • Mobile Field Data Collection

    Align’s negotiation, planning and property services require property sites visits and accordingly we have developed mobile field data collection applications for Android/iPhones and tablets. These efficient tools allow our teams to immediately transfer any comments or photos of property or construction details within seconds to our central servers, allowing instant analysis and additional integration with LineUp stakeholder engagement systems. With the geo-spatial precision afforded by GPS systems built into modern phones and tablets, these types of field integration services add considerable information accuracy and project responsiveness to our teams and clients, allowing us to deliver robust processes which result in successful outcomes in negotiations and stakeholder engagement.

    Click here to view a screenshot of our Mobile Field Data Collection System. 

  • Spatial Analysis of Assets or Infrastructure

    Our modern spatial analysis techniques can assist in selecting the most spatially efficient location for your business based on your customer needs.